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Borgo del Convento

The Borgo del Convento is an old building built around the former Augustinian convent of Santa Maria della Pietà, dating back to the fifteenth century, built on even more ancient structures. This venue has belonged to the family of the current owners since 1814.
Over the course of 20 years, it has been restored and removed from the state of neglect in which it had fallen, being able, presently, to welcome it guests in an atmosphere of a different era. 

Space and capacity
Presently, Borgo del Convento constitutes a national historic-artistic site of interest.
Large rooms located on the ground floor, offer an enchanting atmosphere where one can breathe the life of an authentic history. The antique cloister with its arched portico can accommodate, with magnificence and originality, your wedding receptions.
Outside, you can find the gardens, with centuries-old trees and fountains and the friars’ spinning room which boasts majestic stone and clay arches.
The location has plentiful spaces which create a certain dynamic energy to the events organized here, thus avoiding situations of boredom or unpleasant and unexpected situations due to any climate changes. The facility can accommodate up to 250 people.

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